Turmeric Powder

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The freshly blended turmeric powder comes in golden yellow color. In India, the turmeric powder is one important and widely used spice for its yellow color and little bitter taste to the vegetable dishes of Indian Cuisine.
Turmeric is a mild, base, rich in flavor spice with numerous health benefits such as it stimulates the antioxidant capacity of the body. Back in 600 B.C was the time when the turmeric was being used as one key coloring agent of the food.

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The spice has a distinct flavor of its own and comes with a set of proven health benefits. It can also adds colour to your dishes.

For years India has been using Turmeric as a spice to enhance the color of the curry, adding tongue tasting flavor to the dishes and also it is widely used as a medicinal herb for the treatment of injuries, wounds, and infections.

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