Dhahi Vada Masala

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Dhaivada is the originated dish of India served with different Indian cuisine like in Rajasthani style & in Delhi style but one thing that in common holds the mutual taste and flavor taste to it is the KBM Dhaivada raita masala which gets sprinkled on to the dahi/curd of the vadas to enhance the color and taste of the dahi.

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What makes the spice so delicious is the mix of several other spices into one. The taste and aroma of all the spices mixed makes it perfect to sprinkle on Dhahi Vada Raita.

The dish is more of a deal than to be called as a snack, as the vadas are heavy enough to fulfill the stomach cravings.

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100 gm, 50 gm

  • Cumin
  • Coriander seeds
  • Iodised Salt
  • Black Salt
  • Ajwain
  • Black Pepper
  • Yellow Chillies
  • Pomegranate Seeds
  • Kachri
  • Mint Leaves
  • Dry Mango