Coriander Powder

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A fine blended natural powder (sweet &light) with the soothing aroma in alluring green color. This spice is one important and majorly used grounded spice in the Indian cuisine to run the flavors seasoning to the dishes keeping them all distinctive.
Coriander has a sweet, light and curry flavor and also it is the reason behind the aroma served garnishing it to your hot served dish.

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The spice is famous for adding mouth-watering aroma and flavor to the food.

Widely used in curry pastes for adding its authentic flavor to the Indian cuisine. The coriander powder is one spice which can be used alone or in combination of other spices for the full flavor bouquet. In Europe, it is well-known as anti-diabetic preventing from high blood sugar and in India it is well known for its anti-septic properties.

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