About Us

The Story behind our Success

KBM Gai Chaap Masala is India’s leading selling spice brand offering more than 20 masala variants in the form both pure and blends. Accepted and appreciated by millions of homes not only all across India but also across the world, KBM Gai Chaap Masala has been providing solutions everyday to mothers in cooking the tastiest food that suits every diverse palate from the last 49 years.

Our Philosophy:

The aim of KBM has always been helping every mother feel empowered to get the perfect taste in food and win her appreciation for the same. In other words, it's a friend of every mother to give her that ultimate satisfaction of the family loving and enjoying her food.

That's in a nutshell is the essence of KBM Spices...jo khane ko banaye Maa ke haath ka khana or in other words...which makes food the way mom made it.

Our Commitment:

We strive to provide best quality spices across the globe. We house spices taken from various spice raw centres across the country thereby furthering our commitment to provide natural made spice powders without any colour, additives and impurity. We also strive to provide spices at the best competitive prices to serve millions of people.

Our goal is to make KBM Gai Chaap Masala across the globe the brand recognised for quality, purity and best prices.